Pocket instrument for veterinarians. Joseph Rodgers & Son. England. First half of the 20th century.

Singular instrument -fleam, in English- with three lancets of different sizes designed to bleed cattle to cure the so-called "filling", a task that our countrymen usually carry out using their knife, their favorite tool. Measures. Length of each leaf: 8 cm. Total length (open): 15 cm.


The three lancets are engraved with the legends usually applied by this famous English house: “Joseph Rodgers & Son”, “N° 6 / Norfolkst / Sheffield / England”, and the Maltese star and cross. The different sizes are used according to the type of animal to be treated and its size.


The JR&S firm produced an enormous variety of very high quality cutlery for different uses, with fixed or folding blades. His fame spread throughout all the countries of Europe, Asia, the USA and South America, achieving the favoritism of his clients thanks to that quality and variety of models and designs.


Its legendary presence reached the Río de la Plata: in our country, the most famous armories imported knives -with fixed and folding blades- and penknives, which they sold among their most outstanding clients. Today, with the manufacturer disappeared, the world's cutlery collection includes this brand among the most sought after.

We appreciate the information provided by Abel Domenech, author of important books on knives and on the history of this factory and his creations.


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