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Newsletter N 7. August 2021.


Dear Friends:

We bring you the August Newsletter with the exclusive texts signed by Georgina Gluzman and Abel Alexander, two prominent Argentine specialists who, at our request, addressed the work of Andrea Moch and Antonio Torrecilla, to the Mexican perspective on the five hundred years of the conquest of the cities of Mexico -Tenochtitlan and Mexico- Tlatelolco by Hernán Cortés and his hosts, written especially for Hilario by Gilberto Ramírez Toledano.

Also, one of the pioneers of world aeronautics, Ángel María Zuoloaga, and his love for books.

And how we present to you in each installment, our selection of online cultural tours and advice and suggestions.

Enjoy it!

Roberto vega

The Voice of the Experts

Mendoza's iconography and an elusive lithographer: A. Torrecillas.

By Abel Alexander

The discovery of a view of the city of Mendoza, apparently taken in the days prior to the earthquake that devastated it in 1861, confronted us with an enigma of Cuyo iconography: two panoramic views of that author are known and one of them has been used especially by a good part of the scholars who in the last ninety years dealt with that cataclysm, but without providing references on this A. Torrecillas. For our part, we turned to the photographic historian Abel Alexander and his text revealed the unknown

A modern French artist in Argentina: Andrée Moch (1879-1953)

By Georgina Gluzman

The trajectory of Andrée Moch (1879-1953) has suffered a double denial in the histories of Argentine art, due to her condition as a woman and a migrant, incapable of being "absorbed" by the nationalist discourses that have structured the discipline...

Five hundred years later, Mexico rewrites its history.

By Gilberto Ramírez Toledadon

The dawn of August 13, 1521 -500 years ago- not only brought with it the first light for a world that was slowly dying out, but also illuminated the faith of the Mexican Tenochca and Tlatelolcas who honorably defended the imminent fall of their prodigious twin cities

Hilario Tips

In this section we bring you various information, useful to evolve in your collections. You will find suggested books for reading and a selection of Reference Libraries, grouped by topic to collect.

Recommended reading

Alejandro del Conte. Memorias de un soñador.

Alfredo Srur - José Antonio Navarrete - Andrea Cuarterolo and Emilio Jelicié. Argentine Historical Photographic Research Center (CIFHA) - Fundación Alfonso y Luz Castillo(Arte x Arte). Buenos Aires. 2021.

The fortuitous discovery of a file thrown into a garbage container was the first step towards achieving this miracle

“Yo te explico...!” Las enseñanzas del Dr. Carlos Emilio Lunardi.

Compilers: Martín Jáuregui and Raúl Oscar Finucci. Ediciones El Tradicional. 2021.

A book that promises hours of good reading for those of us who enjoy our Creole traditions.

Reference Libraries

Always of interest to collectors, researchers and enthusiastic lovers of arts, letters and crafts, our orientation is to go to specialized libraries...

Collectors, stories and anecdotes

At the suggestion of friends, we have created this new section that investigates the interior of collecting, from historical times to the present. Yesterday and today linked with the same motivations..

Ángel María Zuloaga and his passion for books

Zuloaga (1885 - 1975), of Mendoza origin, was one of the creators of the national aeronautics; his feats in the air allowed him to break South American records (1), to cross the Andes for the first time on its high peaks in a hot air balloon...

News & More

Origins of Photography in Latin America

On the Internet, on Friday, August 20, 2021, from 7:00 p.m. in Argentina and celebrating Photography Day, Abel Alexander -recently awarded by the National Academy of Fine Arts- will star in a discussion on "The origins of photography in America Latina”.

14th Buenos Aires Old Book Fair

This time, in a virtual edition, from September 1 to 5, 2021, with the participation of twenty-five bookstores...

Collecting is a passion, an art

We started our journey in February 1993 with the launch of the magazine Manos Artesanas. Since then we have developed numerous projects aimed at popular arts, bibliophilia, photography, and as of 2017 we implemented the area of arts and crafts auctions. Along this path, the pandemic forced us to build an Online Auction program on our website. We started in April 2020 and we have not stopped the march since then. For each edition we select a set of original, rare, curious and special works; all collectibles. Once studied, they become part of the catalogs, they do so in the expectation of continuing their course to other destinations in each auction.

We also have a Direct Sales area, with the works accompanied by your Studio.

To preview the new catalog:

Cultural tours

Gradually, the world moves towards a new scenario and that desire to visit friends, family, exhibitions, museums, workshops, landscapes, will be released little by little. Here, and as a preview, we invite you to take these virtual tours that anticipate the next face-to-face visits. They awaken emotions and educate us, let us let ourselves be carried away by this route of dreams.

The MALBA and a visit from home

"Walking" through its rooms will be transformed into a journey through the most diverse artistic manifestations that give content to its heritage...

Cities unite through art

Art does not stop, and in this feature its beauty and attraction are also affirmed. Days ago, two European cities were strung together through a concrete ring that, without prior notice, appeared on their streets...

Direct sale

In addition to our auction sales, we offer an important stock with a fixed price. We present it ordered by the different areas of interest. And it should be clarified that each piece or work is delivered together with its study.

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