In this section we provide you with various information that will be useful to evolve your collections. Anecdotes and other experiences will facilitate their search paths and allow a better classification of their sets.

You will find suggested books for reading and a selection of Reference Libraries, grouped by topic to collect. In the pages of the indicated titles you will have a source of information of enormous value.

Bien vestidos.

Bien vestidos. Una historia visual de la moda en Buenos Aires 1870 - 1914. María Isabel Baldasarre. Colección Estudios de Moda, Ampersand, Buenos Aires, 2021.Quarto (24 x 17 cm), 383...


If you are an experienced collector, you know that a good reference library is the ideal tool. Finding out about the works you own and those you want, gives you the necessary perspective so as not to make mistakes in your decisions, and above all, it will give you the additional pleasure of enjoying yours with intensity.
We have already incorporated this small reference guide,

- If you collect books from or about travelers in America.
- If you collect silver objects from latin America.
- If you collect republican art from the river plate.
- If you collect traditional textiles from the Americas.
- If you collect heritage photograph from Mexico to the south.
- If you collect works of folk art
- If you collect knives and other hand weapons.
- (NEW)


La cámara como método. La fotografía moderna de Grete Stern y Horacio Coppola. 

Recommended reading (oct. 2021)

In this edition we propose you to read the works of Abdulazak Gurnah (1948), the author who has just won the Nobel Prize in Literature, born and raised on the island of Zanzibar (Tanzania), from where...

Recommended reading (sept. 2021)

 Viajeros a la sombra de Darwin. Fotografías de la Patagonia a fines del siglo XIX. 


Photographs: Courtesy CIFHA. Alejandro del Conte. Memorias de un soñador.Alfredo Srur - José Antonio Navarrete - Andrea Cuarterolo and Emilio Jelicié. Argentine Historical Photographic Research Center (CIFHA) - Alfonso y...


El Di Tella. Historia íntima de un fenómeno cultural.


Materia Americana. El cuerpo de las imágenes hispanoamericanas (Siglos XVI a mediados del XIX) / American matter. The body of Hispanic American images (16th to mid-19th centuries)

Recommended reading

These weak papers are stronger than bricks.Abel Alexander. ArtexArte, Pasado Imperfecto Collection. Buenos Aires. 2021.Octavo (24 x 17.1 cm), 241 pp., 1 sheet. A DESERVED AND NECESSARY BOOK Unfairly vacant for a long time, these...


WE INTERVIEW FRANCISCO MEDAIL, DIRECTOR OF THE COLLECTION.The year 2020 will be remembered for the COVID-19 pandemic, but also for many other cultural events, and in Argentina, the launch of the collection...

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