Origins of Photography in Latin America

Ambrotype. Portrait of Juan José Olleros, Argentine military man. Circa 1864. Exhibited at the Exhibition of Daguerreotypes and Photographs in Glass, organized by the Buenos Aires Institute of Numismatics and Antiquities at the Witcomb Gallery, in 1944.

On the Internet, on Friday, August 20, 2021, from 7:00 p.m. in Argentina and celebrating Photography Day, Abel Alexander - recently honored by the National Academy of Fine Arts with the Gratia Artis 2021 award (1) - will star in a discussion on “The origins of photography in Latin America”.

Organized by and with the support of the Centro de la Imagen, Lima, and the Ibero-American Society for the History of Photography, Laura Caroni -conservative, restorer and researcher specialized in photographic heritage- will talk with the photographic historian Abel Alexander, president of the Ibero-American Society for the History of Photography and academic collaborator of Hilario.

The activity is free; It only requires registration at the following link: INSCRIPTION


1. The ANBA will hold the awards ceremony on Thursday, September 30, at 6 pm. Alexander will receive this honor "by virtue of having consecrated his life to the study, dissemination and support of the Visual Arts with relevant quality and continuity".

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