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Newsletter N° 5. June 2021.

Willing to accompany you in your searches and motivations, we organize an Online Auction every month, selecting original, rare, curious and special works; all collectibles. After meticulous studies, they become part of each new catalog in the expectation of continuing on their way to other destinations.

The Voice of the Experts

Louis Le Breton and the view of Buenos Aires from the new customs dock

Louis Le Breton, the French painter, and his view of Buenos Aires. By Roberto Amigo.

The loom of stakes and its rooting in American soil

South American textiles and the stake loom; a pre-Columbian technique that has survived to this day. By Enrique Taranto and Teresita Donadío.

Hilario Tips

In this section we will bring you various information that will be useful to evolve in your collections. Anecdotes and other experiences will facilitate their search paths and allow a better classification of their sets.

You will find suggested books for reading and a selection of Reference Libraries, grouped by topic to collect.

Recommended reading

The Editorial of the National University of Tres de Febrero has published an important work on viceregal arts and crafts. Under the editorial direction of the specialists Gabriela Siracusano and Agustina Rodríguez Romero, the book Materia americana deserves a place in your library.

Cultural Tours

The museums of the world suffer the effects of the pandemic in the reduction of face-to-face visits and, consequently, in the capture of resources through paid tickets (we clarify, in the Museo del Barro of Asunción, admission is free), having to reduce their budgets with measures as drastic as the loss of qualified personnel, the cancellation of exhibitions and / or high-cost editions, and even the sale of some of their works in a desperate gesture -and much criticized too- for guaranteeing their continuity as cultural institution. All this as a result of this health crisis that is shaking the planet.

However, Covid19 has encouraged other strategies that, although they already existed, have been energized because they represent a break in the physical barriers of confinement. We refer to the development and visualization of a virtuality without geographical limits. The vast majority of museums are advancing along this path with a firm step and they do so in a hopeful gesture. Some offer their program on their own website and with greater resources available, and others produce their material that they present on the Internet through a channel on YouTube.

The Blue House, the universe of Frida Khalo

We all know in some way the life and work of this unique Mexican artist, who spent a good part of her life in this beautiful residence...

Visual Arts Center / Museo del Barro. A window to Paraguay

The history of this Museum is based on two proper names: Olga Blinder and Oscar Colombino, who created the so-called Circulating Collection in 1972...

News & More

The Louvre finally has a woman's name. By Georgina Gluzman.

Direct sale

In addition to our auction sales, we offer an important stock with a fixed price. We present it ordered by the different areas of interest. And it should be clarified that each piece or work is delivered together with its study.

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