We visited it a while ago, an unforgettable emotion. Photo: Hilario.

The easel and its chair. Photo: Hilario.

The brushes… Photo: Hilario.

We all know in some way the life and work of this unique Mexican artist, who spent a good part of her life in this beautiful residence, which she put together to her liking in every space and every detail. Frida Kahlo (1907 - 1954) had decided that this, her house, would function as a museum and that is how her husband, the painter Diego Ribera, carried it out. The Museum was inaugurated in 1958 and since then it has captivated a diverse and heterogeneous public; to foreigners seduced by the art and life of both, and to the Mexicans themselves who come to enjoy each wink created by an artist who is the symbol of much of the local culture and its syncretism between the native indigenous world and the arrived Europeans after five centuries.

Today we propose to enter the Casa Azul website and visit it virtually, you will enjoy it. To take a tour in person, it is necessary to buy the ticket in advance on the website, and it must be done well in advance, the demand in pre-ndemic times always exceeded the capacity of each day. Now we propose you a virtual visit; you will enjoy it from your home, it will be a very special moment, Frida will receive you in every detail. Just one click and you will enter its magical world: Click here

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