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Newsletter N 8. September 2021.


Dear Friends:

We bring you the eighth installment with the incorporation of two prestigious pens; the historian of science and prestigious popularizer, Irigina Podgorny, and the journalist, art critic and independent curator, Ana Martínez Quijano. Both of them brought us their exclusive texts and for Hilario, it is a pride to feel the bond between you and them.

Dr. Podgorny addressed the life story of a Norwegian engineer closely linked to the cave paintings of Cerros Colorados, you will be surprised to read it. And under the inquisitive gaze of Martínez Quijano we immerse ourselves in the art market and the role of collectors.

In addition, we continue with the fixed sections, inviting them to take the cultural walks and suggesting good readings. And as a closing, our News and more, the space for news.

We trust that in this selection of articles we will include the topics of your interest; the continuous increase in visitors and their return is indicating this to us.

Enjoy it!

Roberto vega

The Voice of the Experts

Pictographs of Cerro Colorado. Photographic record taken by Pedersen himself and kept in his personal archive. Hilario Collection.

Unforeseen events in the history of science. The engineer Asbjorn Pedersen and archeology in Argentina.

By Irina Podgorny

Unforeseen events dominate the course of our lives, but also that of the practices of science, its collections, and that of collectors of facts, objects, and experiences.

Thousands of stories confirm it.

Among them is a story that begins with the crash of an airship in the Barents Sea and ends in the fall of 1985 (...)

Hilario Tips

In this section we bring you various information, useful to evolve in your collections. You will find suggested books to read and a selection of Reference Libraries, grouped by topic to collect.

Recommended reading

Viajeros a la sombra de Darwin. Fotografías de la Patagonia a fines del siglo XIX

Inés Yujnovsky. Arte x Arte. Colección Pretéritos Imperfectos. Buenos Aires. 2021.

The work of Inés Yujnovsky -doctor in History- proposes a new look at travel stories -and their images- that, in the shadow of Darwin, testify to the expeditions that advanced through Patagonia after 1879, once that space was freed from indigenous rule.

Quarto (24 x 17.1 cm), 177 pp. With the Foreword by Ezequiel Adamovsky.

Quarto (21 x 15 cm), 350 pp.

Del taller al altiplano. Museos y academias artísticas en el noroeste argentino.

Pablo Fasce. UNSAM Edita. Colección Artes Serie Tramas. Buenos Aires. 2021.

Interesting contribution to the historiography of Argentine art, particularly its development between 1910 and 1955 in the northwest of our country. Institutionalization achieved broad growth in those years and it was in the NOA where it reached the greatest intensity.

Collectors, stories and anecdotes

The collector's passion. A walk through the history of art through the eyes of those who treasure it.

By Ana Martínez Quijano

If we look at art through the eyes of collectors who have dedicated their lives to bringing together a set of significant works, such as the Emperor Hadrian, the Medici or Catherine of Russia; if we then take a leap in history to discover the cares of the Guggenheims, the Rockefellers, Gertrude Stein, Paul Mellon or the Ganz, and we get to see the works of the British publicist Charles Saatchi, an advertising magnate turned marcher (.. .)

News & More

A “new” Vermeer in the XXI century.

Today the fame and importance of the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (1632 - 1675), master of light and interiors, is unquestionable. However, this artist was not always so lucky, since he was ignored for centuries, until in the 19th century the historian Théophile Thoré “rediscovered” him. Today he is considered one of the most important painters in the Netherlands.

Similar avatars lived the painting of him "Girl reading a letter at the open window" (...)

Enfocados: The history of photography in the province of Córdoba, Argentina.

An Internet site has just been launched that captivated us; work of the historian María Cristina Boixadós -who is presented accompanied by a solid team-, where she has condensed the fruit of more than twenty-five years of searches in the construction of a study on photography in the province of Córdoba since its inception in 1850, until 1940.

Add to Grow. CEDODAL looks to the future

The Latin American Architecture Documentation Center (CEDODAL), always under the direction of the architects Ramón Gutiérrez and Graciela María Viñuales -who founded it more than twenty-five years ago-, has taken a step forward in the preservation and use of its documentary collection, made up of a huge collection of Ibero-American historical documents and an important set of architecture archives...

Cultural tours

This last year and months -since March 2020- we have faced other dilemmas, many losses, and the entrance to a new normal finds us different, more reflective, although there is this desire to visit friends, family, exhibitions, museums, workshops, landscapes. From our site, we invite you to take these virtual tours that anticipate the next face-to-face visits. They awaken emotions and educate us, let us let ourselves be carried away by this route of dreams.

The Roman villa recovers its history. Ph: Hilario.

Pompeii, a journey back in time

Tourism has been one of the industries with the greatest development in recent decades worldwide. However, its rise was abruptly interrupted by the Covid 19 pandemic and although its spaces of attraction are gradually reopening, the truth is that a new consciousness emerges after this unexpected parenthesis.

Collecting is a passion, an art

Since February 1993, when we took the first steps with the launch of the Manos Artesanas magazine, we have worked developing new projects aimed at popular arts, bibliophilia, photography and, as of 2017, we implemented the arts, letters and crafts auction area. Along this path, the pandemic forced us to build an Online Auction program on our website. We started in April 2020 and we have not stopped the march since then. We already prepare the next appointment for the end of October.

Always determined to bring you special, original, rare, curious works, all collectibles, we also participate in special events. In the first days of this month we were part of the 14th Old Book Fair of Buenos Aires - we have been doing it since the first edition of this new era - and in the coming month you will find us at the BAphoto 2021 (see preview) fair, the first in person after this world parenthesis, with the launch of our Photo Catalog number 8, again in print.

But since collecting is a passion that does not stop, we have a Direct Sales space where we present each work accompanied by its study.

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