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Newsletter N° 6. July 2021.

We started our journey in February 1993 with the launch of the magazine Manos Artesanas. Since then we have developed numerous projects aimed at popular arts, bibliophilia, photography, and as of 2017 we have implemented the arts and crafts auctions area. Along this path, the pandemic forced us to build an Online Auctions program on our website. We started in April 2020 and we have not stopped the march since then. For each edition we select a set of original, rare, curious and special works; all collectibles. Once studied, they become part of the catalogs, they do so in the expectation of continuing their course to other destinations in each auction.

We also have a Direct Sales area, with the works accompanied by their research.

To see a preview of the new catalog:

The Voice of the Experts

El peinetón (The big hair comb)

A surprising fashion in the Buenos Aires of yesteryear, particularly in the 1820s and 1830s. By Patricio López Méndez, Marcelo Marino and Gustavo Tudisco.

Hilario Tips

In this section we will bring you various information that will be useful to evolve in your collections. Anecdotes and other experiences will facilitate their search paths and allow a better classification of their sets.

You will find suggested books for your reading and a selection of Reference Libraries, grouped by subject to collect.

Recommended reading

This time we want to advise two recently published books; one of them focused on the intimate stories of the Di Tella Institute, and the other referred to a chapter in the history of science in Argentina.

Reference Libraries

Today we bring you a selection of works for those who collect knives. In these titles you will find many data of interest that will allow you to evolve by the best way in the classification of the pieces already collected and in your research to make new additions.


Cultural tours

We know that presence is irreplaceable. There is nothing to replace the trip to other geographies to experience new sensations. But immersed in this crisis, let us make use of electronic tools to avoid isolation and build new memories. Virtual visits provide us with access to other experiences, which we may carry out physically tomorrow. Let's visit temporary exhibitions, visit fairs and biennials, walk through museum halls, and all of this from our phones or in front of our computers.

In this winter edition -in our southern territory- we propose a virtual tour of Ushuaia to learn about its surprising history.

The Museum Complex of the Ushuaia Prison

In the architecture of the old jail at the end of the world, five museums, an art room and a national historical monument have been gathered. This cultural achievement will undoubtedly surprise you. In normal times it received just under one hundred and twenty thousand visitors a year and almost half of them were foreign tourists.

News and More

The crypto art

A neologism that has come to surprise the world of contemporary art. We bring you an introduction to this artistic practice that evolves with the speed of virtual lightning… The news that revolves around crypto art does not stop; we share the most outstanding ones and we consulted the Argentine collector Eduardo Mallea -recently appointed vice president of arteBA- to express his expectations in this field.


On July 8, this new edition began with the exhibition Listening and the Winds, presented at the Museum of Fine Arts in Salta. With the co-curatorship of Andrea Fernández and Inka Gressel, the exhibition amalgamates an intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue with artisan women from indigenous peoples settled in the Chaco of Salta. Art and crafts in a mixture without limits.

Art, crafts, identity, territory, commitment, visibility, creation, memory ... Listening and the winds awaken emotions and ask questions at the launch of this Bienalsur that surprises from its first step on a tour that is projected through 23 countries, with more of four hundred invited artists, as its architects, Anibal Jozami, rector of the Tres de Febrero University (Untref) and Diana Wechsler, general director and artistic director of an event that defies its own limits in each edition, enthusiastically explain.

Ceramists of the Chané people in the room of the Museum of Fine Arts of Salta. Photo: Guido Yannitto.

Direct sale

In addition to our auction sales, we offer an important stock with a fixed price. We present it ordered by the different areas of interest. And it should be clarified that each piece or work is delivered together with its study.

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