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You know that, as is common in these communication spaces, we can change these Terms of Use without prior notice, in which case we will do so directly on this website. It is your responsibility to read frequently to warn of these modifications, if any. And we mention that at the end of this page we will indicate the date of our last modification, so you can control it with greater comfort.

We present below a contract to use our website and all the products or services offered here.

1. By entering our website and sending us your email address, you understand and approve that this will be a means of communication through which we will transmit news of our company, such as upcoming auctions or other information of interest to you.

2. Your use of our website does not allow you to appropriate the information published here: images, texts, logos, codes and others. Hilario owns all rights to it. You will only be allowed to use our website to view the content, make individual copies or print your content edited on this platform with products presented for direct sale or through auctions, and make your offers and communications to our company. Nor are you licensed to use the content of The Voice of the Experts in any other publication, without prior authorization from the authors, our company or another right holder. Without the need to indicate otherwise, the intellectual property of the content of this website is the property of Hilario. And at no time may you link our website to another digital platform without prior permission. All types of links must be previously informed and our company will evaluate and allow or deny their use. If you are interested in reporting any point related to copyright, you can write us indicating the subject to info@hilariobooks.com You must indicate your address and contact telephone number, and a description of the subject that originates your communication.

3. By browsing our website, you agree not to use its content for illegal purposes or with a commercial interest without specific authorization. To dispose of this material, you must request express authorization from Hilario, stating the reason for it and agreeing to comply with all legal provisions of all kinds, intended for the use of Digital Platforms.

4. We warn that it is absolutely prohibited to have our website for the purpose of money laundering, or other illegal use.

5. We indicate that the content of our website is edited for the use of children over 13 years of age, therefore the use of it is prohibited for minors of said age.

6. Our company may request personal data for your registration; We will do so with a Privacy Policy - published here - in the use of this information. And it will be your responsibility to provide us with reliable, lawful and truthful information. Similarly, having obtained the access codes to our personalized information, you will be responsible for maintaining the privacy of its content, preventing any third party from accessing it. This confidentiality solidifies our relationship, and know that we will also be alert to any type of improper use or violation of security. It will be your responsibility any loss that we may suffer originated in the not allowed use of your personal account.

7. Sending all kinds of material (texts, images or audiovisual material) to Hilario will imply allowing our company to use it in accordance with our Privacy Policy. And if it is not in our interest, we can discard it without any other obligation. The links that we publish to other third-party sites have previously been verified, but know that if you access them, you will do so at your own risk and by accepting their privacy policies.

8. You agree through the use of our digital platform that you do so at your own risk and responsibility. Our company publishes its content by offering works for direct sale and auctions, according to the products available and with the established modalities. It may happen that a work has been sold before the moment you express interest, so in that case you will receive the due information, and if necessary, the cancellation of the purchase. Any error edited on our website will be corrected once detected.

9. All litigation or controversy will be carried out individually and will be governed by the laws of Argentina.

10. Can you transmit other individual inquiries to:

Hilario Arts Letters Crafts

Libertad 1536. 1st Floor

(C1016ABF) Autonomous City of Buenos Aires


or by email, to: info@hilariobooks.com

(Last modified: June 22, 2020)

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