Terms of sale

  • 1. Each work is presented with a Base value with which the bid will start and once it is closed, the winner will be the one who has bid the highest value.

  • 2. The buyer must cancel his purchase within 48 hours after the auction. Payment will be made through Paypal, through a bank transaction, or at our offices. If the buyer only pays a 30% down payment and then gives up the purchase, the down payment is lost.

  • 3. The commission for our management for the buyer will be 10% of the hammer's lowering value, plus VAT and luxury tax, if applicable to the indicated work.

  • 4. Once the payment of the work has been made, it will remain in our house available to the buyer, not being responsible for any loss or damage suffered by it. The removal and transfer of the same is under the responsibility and cost of the buyer.

  • 5. If the corresponding payment is not made within the periods indicated above, the auction house has the right to initiate the corresponding collection actions and, failing that, to dispose of the property in question, being able to offer it again for sale.

  • 6. The goods presented in the Hilario Experience auctions will be previously exhibited in our room - at this time, for Covid-19 reasons, it is not possible for us to fulfill this possibility - so that interested persons can appreciate it on-site. In addition, they will be included in our catalog and on our website. The goods offered in the Online Auctions will be presented in our virtual catalog and on this website.

  • 7. Each work offered for sale has been studied by our company, and cataloged according to the available information, in addition to having been put to the consideration of leading specialists who guided us in its analysis. At the end, it will be accompanied by a Certificate showing the study carried out.

  • 8. Sales will be made through the usual channels: with the buyer present in the room, through the telephone directly - attended by an operator of our house bidding on behalf of the applicant - by means of "sealed envelopes", with the previous instruction received in due form and time, and through the online offers through this page.

  • 9. It should be clarified that the lots offered come from the sales orders signed by the constituents and from our company's own stocks.

  • 10. In Online Auction II, according to law 25,339, lots 15 to 22 will receive the luxury tax application.

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