Voluntarios da Patria. Brasil. Circa 1866.

Coli. Fusil norteamericano. Merril. 1864.

Coli. Fusil de chispa, recortado. Principios del siglo XIX

Bowie. Inglaterra. Circa 1880.

Hunting dagger.


Medal. Tribute to Saint Martin. 1950.

Bowie. England (?) Second half of the 19th century.


Butcher's axe. . Silver river. First half of the 20th century.

Naval dagger. England. Early 19th century.

Plate with a view of Buenos Aires. First half of the XIX century.

Car knife. Genoa (¿?). XVII century.

Military Instruction kerchief. Remington Model 1871 rifle. Spain.

Pocket knife. Thiers, France. Second half of the 19th century.

Schabrak of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment. Argentina. Early 20th century.

Naval buckle. Argentina / Uruguay. 1880/1890.


Medal for the proclamation of Carlos IV. México. 1790.

Art of fire. France. Late 18th or early 20th century.

Straight officer saber. Circa 1830.

Boarding machete. France. Circa 1840.

Lobster-tailed pot helmet. England. Mid 17th century.

Pistola de chispa. Austria. Circa 1820.

Peineta de carey y oro. Mediados del siglo XIX.

Sable de Húsares. Circa 1790.

Collar de la Orden de Mayo.

Sable de Caballería ligera. Modelo 1822.

Autor no identificado

Retrato de Giusseppe Garibaldi.

Par de tiradores de seda, bordados, (...)

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