Military Instruction kerchief. Remington Model 1871 rifle. Spain.

Printed on silk, with embroidered initials of its owner. Measurements: 65.6 x 81.5 cm / 25.82 x 32.08 in. With some breakdowns. The work is offered framed.

Prepared for the recruits, it contains in the center the instructions for its use and cleaning, and in a perimeter guard, different scenes with the instructions for combat. The set is surrounded by a red band and in the corners, the castle and the lion as a symbol of Spain. It was distributed by his army and it is said that it was used in the third Carlist war (1872 - 1876) and in the operational armies destined for the campaigns of Santo Domingo and Cuba with the so-called Ten Years War (1868/1878).

As you might imagine, its printing in Spanish facilitated its diffusion in the Río de la Plata, where the Remington rifle reached an important use among the military forces and also among civilians.


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