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Newsletter N. 10. November 2021.


The last month of the year is approaching and we are already planning the Holidays and vacations. Behind have been unthinkable fears, unknown sensations, painful losses, and ahead we live a redoubled march towards post-pandemic normality, attentive to the bad news that comes from some European countries with a fourth wave advancing.

In this sailing through unknown waters, we participated with an auspicious balance in the BAphoto 2021 fair and moved to the La Boca neighborhood, a refurbished Arteba dodged obstacles to achieve an acclaimed success with the joy that good sales cause.

With this brief synopsis of the situation, we present you a new installment of the Virtual Newsletter, ranked with the exclusive voices of accredited specialists, such as the Spanish Rafael López Guzmán -curator of the exhibition that stands out at the Prado Museum: “Tornaviaje. Ibero-American Art in Spain”-, the Uruguayan Alberto del Pino Menck, author of a detailed text referring to war photography, testimony to the warlike conflict that confronted Paraguay against the Triple Alliance made up of Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina; and the collaboration of the Argentine Irina Podgorny, with her particular way of communicating, telling about a glazed jug that she acquired in Marseille. And next to them, in the News and more section, the glances of Anabella Laura Monteleone, teacher and researcher, bringing us closer to her reflections on a record in contemporary art that left us speechless; from the photographic historian Abel Alexander, who shares highly worthwhile information from Peru, and from Sonia Decker, an art market analyst, happy with Frida Kahlo's new record and her bond with Argentina.

In addition, we bring you our suggestions for a good reading. Always attentive to the titles that are published, linked to the arts, letters and trades.

And finally, a promise of good walks with the magnifying glass on the cultural offer; this time we invite you to visit the Cabildo Historical Museum in the city of Montevideo and the Egidio Feruglio Paleontological Museum, located in Trelew, in the heart of Argentine Patagonia.

La Voz de los Expertos

Tornaviaje. Ibero-American art in Spain. An exhibition that surprises at the Prado Museum in Madrid. In the voice of its curator, Rafael López Guzmán.

One hundred and seven works arrived from the Spanish-American territory in viceregal times and preserved in the peninsular Spanish soil, awaken astonishment to locals and strangers in the rooms of the Museo Nacional del Prado, in the heart of Madrid, presented together with the old Spanish royal collections, in one of the most important art galleries in the world.

The studies directed by the curator of the exhibition, allow us to affirm that in the "vice-royal era more works arrived from the other side of the Atlantic than, from the closest territories of the Hispanic monarchy, such as Naples or Flanders."

To find out details about this striking exchange, we interviewed the academic head of the exhibition, the Spanish professor Rafael López Guzmán. On numerous occasions his responses surprise, and are proud.

War photography began in the world. The Uruguayan battalion "April 24" in the trenches of Tuyutí: notes on a photograph of Bate & Cía.

By Alberto del Pino Menck

Unleashed the war conflict between Paraguay and the so-called Triple Alliance -Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay-, the Bate y Cía photographic studio, established in Montevideo since 1861, requested and obtained the patronage of the Uruguayan government to travel to the battlefields and document the contest.

With this approval, the photographer Javier López recorded the war scenes in the months of June and July 1866. With the collected material, the photographic house marketed an album that included twelve original views under the title "War against Paraguay". The Uruguayan researcher Alberto del Pino Menck prepared an exclusive text for Hilario, giving an account of the first image in this series: "Bat.n April 24 in the trenches of Tuyuty".

Sweating pots.

By Irina Podgorny

This story begins in a warehouse of the FAMILLE Association, SOLIDARITÉ ET CULTURES located on the Boulevard de la Liberación in the city of Marseille. Or a little earlier, it is true, on a morning of torrential rain, impossible for a walk without a raincoat or protection of any kind, on a pause in that excursion that went in the direction of the Natural History Museum of the city. A journey - it was not known yet - marked by the administration of water.

Hilario Tips

Recommended reading

La cámara como método. La fotografía moderna de Grete Stern y Horacio Coppola. Natalia Brizuela y Alejandra Uslenghi (compilers). AAVV. Eterna Cadencia Editora. Buenos Aires. 2021.

Reading it is enjoyable, provides new theoretical contributions, seduces. And this despite the fact that the challenge was very high: to focus the gaze again on the work of two fundamental pillars of modern photography in Argentina meant exposing oneself to the risk of repetition, falling into common places, especially when these camera masters have been protagonists of numerous essays in our country, and more recently in the United States and Europe.

La cámara como método includes nine trials ...

Bien vestidos. Una historia visual de la moda en Buenos Aires 1870 – 1914. María Isabel Baldasarre. Colección Estudios de Moda. Ampersand. Buenos Aires. 2021.

Baldasarre studies in depth the subject of clothing in a broad sense; She does so by addressing her links with visual culture, consumption and cultural practices carried out by various social sectors of Buenos Aires in the period of the so-called belle epoque, that is, between 1870 and 1914.

“The purpose of this book is to contribute -from social history, art history, fashion theory and visual and gender studies- to mapping the dress cultures in Buenos Aires...

Reference Libraries

Are you interested in Art, Letters, Trades? Do you cultivate the pleasure of collecting? Do you enjoy knowing more and more? If any of your answers is yes, it will be clear to you that a good read brings great benefits. For this reason, we have prepared a set of reference books for you, reference libraries that you can go to, grouped by subject areas.

Diving between those titles will allow you to obtain more information about the works that you own or about the points of your interest. If collecting is your passion, it will give you the necessary perspective to avoid making mistakes in your decisions, and above all, it will give you the added pleasure of enjoying yours with more intensity.

Cultural tours

This section was born in the middle of the health crisis, when confinement was raging and virtual space was an essential path. Discovering on the internet those "exits" that our restless and bound spirit needed, was a way to spread wings and fly. Today, going through new post-pandemic scenarios, we continue with this guide of suggestions, you can enjoy them from virtuality or from face-to-face, no doubt.

Egidio Feruglio Paleontology Museum, he tells you. Did dinosaurs exist?

Patagonia is an international tourist attraction point and among the most attractive topics is its paleontological wealth. Several "ambassadors" travel hierarchical spaces of the world with this origin, we refer to the replicas of the Titanosaur -the baptized Patagotitan mayorum-, the largest herbivorous dinosaur species so far known on our planet, discovered in 2012 in our southern territory. Millions of visitors are surprised by its monumental replicas -40 meters long and about 9 meters high, in life they reached 70 tons in weight- built in a workshop of the Chubut museum. But in the city of Trelew, the Mef exhibits a good part of its original skeleton, the bones that its scientists extracted from the Patagonian plateau. This is the destination of one of the suggested walks.

Montevideo: Cabildo Historical Museum. His new museographic views.

Summer is looming and Uruguay advances in its tourist reactivation plan by opening its borders. From November 1, the entry of foreign visitors who have received the two doses (or the only one in the case of single doses) of the vaccines authorized in their countries of origin, who must present a PCR test or another equivalent, are enabled.

If you are enthusiastic about the idea of enjoying Uruguay, the city of Montevideo has very good attractions and this time we want to propose a visit to the Cabildo Historical Museum, located in the Old City, in front of the Plaza Matriz, very close to the port.

News and more

Latin American photographic heritage.

By Abel Alexander

"Works are loves and not good reasons", the apt title of a comedy from the Spanish Golden Age written by Lope de Vega where its author clearly alludes that it is actions and not words that really matter.

We now apply this consecrated and wise popular saying to excellent news originating in the field of Latin American photographic heritage; is that the Martín Chambi Association of Cusco (Peru) has received considerable financial aid from the well-known "Ambassador's Fund”.

Bansky: the fiction of havoc.

By Anabella Laura Monteleone

The international art auction market comes out of the crisis caused by the pandemic revitalized; prestigious artists surpass the numbers achieved previously and new stars of contemporary art are installed at the highest points of the pyramid. Among them, the elusive Bansky surprised again with a work born out of havoc, his Girl with a Balloon.

Diego and I.

By Sonia Decker

On the 16th of this month, in a surprising auction, Sotheby's lowered the hammer to a work by Frida Kahlo with a new record, and it was double news for Argentina, its buyer turned out to be Eduardo Costantini, the creator of Malba. An expert from the Argentine market analyzes this good news for Hilario.

Collecting is an art and a passion

Every day is a search; although sometimes what one perceives is that the work found us, we are always after it. That is the spirit of a collector. And when we have incorporated it into our heritage, new pleasures arrive, contemplate it, restore it if necessary, study it, discover its secrets and share it with friends, colleagues, family.

We began this route of collecting back in February 1993 with the launch of the magazine Manos Artesanas, and since then we have designed and executed numerous projects aimed at popular arts, bibliophilia, photography and the arts in general. And with the support of friends and clients, in 2017 we implemented the arts, letters and crafts auction area. Along this path, the pandemic forced us to build an Online Auctions program on our website. We started in April 2020 and we have not stopped the march since then. We already prepare the next appointment for December. It will be accompanied by some novelties, a small section for Christmas gifts.

But, not to despair, we know that the art of collecting is a passion that does not stop, and that is why we suggest you visit our Direct Sales space where we present each work accompanied by your studio.

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