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Newsletter N° 3. April 2021.

Willing to accompany you in your searches and motivations, we organize an Online Auction every month, selecting original, rare, curious and special works; all collectibles. After meticulous studies, they become part of each new catalog in the expectation of continuing on their way to other destinations.


The face-to-face restrictions continue depending on the country of the region in which you are, so we are moving forward with our initiative to invite you to take virtual tours of different cultural spaces.

The National Museum of Fine Arts of Buenos Aires (MNBA) and pioneer women in Argentine art.

The MNBA surprises with an exhibition that makes history: forty-four woman creators enhance their art from a new perspective. For our part, we invited the curator of this magnificent exhibition, researcher Georgina Gluzman, to guide us with her reflections.

Egypt and its millenary good news

In recent days we have been surprised by the information disseminated about its archaeological past. We suggest you open this window and enjoy a look at that incredible millennial past.

Hilario Tips

In this section we will bring you various information that will be useful to evolve in your collections. Anecdotes and other experiences will facilitate their search paths and allow a better classification of their sets.

We advance in this sense with the selection of different Libraries of consultation, ordered according to the topics of interest. In the pages of the indicated books you will have a source of information of enormous value. It will be possible for you to find out about the works you own and those you want, it will give you the necessary perspective so as not to make mistakes in your decisions, and above all, it will give you the additional pleasure of enjoying yours with more intensity.

Reference Libraries

In this third installment we bring you a Library on Folk Arts born south of the Rio Grande, from Mexico to Chile and Argentina, at the southern tip of our continent. And we close this suggestion by offering you a thematic Library referring to traditional Leatherwork..

The Voice of the Experts

Researchers have always consulted ancient documents to access genuine information about our history. This is how Ramón Gutiérrez, a specialist in Latin American architecture, explains it exclusively for Hilario. Let's see what this manuscript, preserved in the Archivo de Indias, in Seville, Spain reveals.

Direct sale

In addition to our auction sales, we offer an important stock with a fixed price. We present it ordered by the different areas of interest. And it should be clarified that each piece or work is delivered together with its study.

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