Schabrak of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment.

Argentina. Early 20th century.

Fabric with silver chevron; in the acute angle, in metal, the regiment number and the emblem of the Cavalry. The piece presents some losses of textile material, although in the rest, it is seen in shape. Measurements. Maximum length: 136 cm / 53.54 in. Maximum margin-bottom: 0pt; line- text-align: justify;">

It is a schabrak, and corresponds to the model that came into force in 1902 and was used for several years. Made of blue-gray cloth, with canvas interfacing and a gingham lining. The two eyelets that are seen are to hold the holster and the little suitecase. To affirm it, a smooth patent leather squeegee was used. The officers, according to their hierarchy, wore this garment with a gold or silver chevron.

It was used in the 2 Cavalry Regiment, as indicated by the number embroidered on the angle together with the emblem of the weapon: two lances with flags 108 mm long, crossed, with a height of 85 mm. and 80 wide at the top from pole to pole and 60 mm. on top. (1)


1. We appreciate the information provided by the historian, Dr. Guillermo Palombo.


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