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REGULATION of urban and rural Police for the Province of Santa Fe. Rosario. Printing of the National Opinion. 1874.

Octavo (19.3 x 13.7 cm / 7.6 x 5.39 in), 26 pp., Includes Cover. Modern binding with cloth spine and gilded titles. Good copy. Not in Suarez.

In a province immersed in a major security conflict today, we offer its old Police regulations. Among its articles we rescued regarding weapons, a typographical error that changes the meaning of the prohibition: “We are allowed (It shoulds say, it is not allowed) to carry a dagger, dagger, knife or any other knife or firearm, under the penalty of loss of the weapon and eight pesos of fine; meat vendors may only use knives during working hours”. And compare with what is happening today in this province, so punished by insecurity; the Regulation indicates that “it is forbidden to shoot firearms within the towns (...)”. SEH-IX


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