Naval dagger. England. Early 19th century.

Ivory hilt, round, with lathe work, decorated with two metal wedges with moldings, with a small fracture. Its defense is made of cast bronze - in the form of an elongated eight; on one side, with chiseled laurels-, and presents traces of mercury gilding. Its scabbard, also made of bronze and with traces of the old gilt, was chiselled along its length with geometric motifs and other ornaments. It has the two fastening rings and a chain joining them. Measures. Total length: 41 cm. Blade length: 28 cm.

Four-table steel blade with allegorical engravings of military trophies, with some rust marks and traces of gilding on its back.

This dagger was used by high-ranking sea officers. Perhaps he traveled to the Río de la Plata on a ship belonging to the British fleet that blocked the port of Buenos Aires during the government of Juan Manuel de Rosas. In those years it was of regulatory use.


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