Pair of bell stirrups. Second half of the 19th century.

Cast in bronze -or brass-, with wear and tear. It presents one of the stirrups without the tread or depth. Its typical forms, with the half-round arch and drawing of leaves; Skirt with a scalloped lower edge, a soft pattern of leaves and in the center, a medallion that refers to a coin from Nueva Granada (Colombia) with the face of a native with a feathered headdress (1), we imagine in a decorative use only. At the top, the transverse eye, cast. Measures. Height: 18 cm / 7.08 in. Opening: 9 cm / 3.54 in. Weight (of both): 1244 gr.

We note that this pair of stirrups have a probable industrial manufacture, in which case it is a not frequent model in the wide repertoire of variants made in this metal in European factories for use among American riders and many of them, only among horsemen. gauchos del Plata.


1. In 1813, the 1 Real coin with that image and the legend “Libertad Americana” was minted in silver in New Granada.

We thank Marcelo Durán for the information provided.


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