Tancredo originals. 1942/1950.

Four cartoon strips. Ink and graphite pencil on cardboard. Measurements, around: 10.6 x 46.7 cm / 4.17 x 18.38 in. On the back a circular stamp with the time of completion, another with the date, and in graphite pencil “H. Maqueira // fact. direction".

The strips -all four frames- are titled: A) "This coin is false" (1942); B) "Oh, Mother Nature!" (1942); C) "Pedro's wife abandoned him and went with his parents" (1947) and D) "The road is full of potholes ...", from 1950.

Juan Gálvez Elorza (Linares, Chile, 1909 - Buenos Aires, 1971), known internationally as Fantasio, was a cartoonist who developed his career primarily in Argentina, although in his first Chilean period he published his own political humor magazine: Verdejo. He emigrated to Argentine in 1933, where he came to preside over the Association of Argentine Cartoonists. “The drawing of this excellent comedian was highly recognized in Argentina, to the point that he sold his comics to almost forty publications, and his colleagues spoke of the 'Fantasio line' to define a particular way of conceiving humor and putting it on paper" (1)

In 1935 he began the daily strip in La Razón of his most famous character: Tancredo. Then he continued in El Mundo, where he stayed for many years, to finish in Clarín. Regarding its creation, its author once answered: “I found it one day on my drawing board. There he was, like any newborn, with a marraqueta (2) under his arm. "The four strips offered here are from this character, from a golden stage in Argentine humorous drawing.


1. Andrés Cascioli. The Argentina that laughs. Graphic humor in the 1940s and 1950s. Buenos Aires, FNA, 2008, p. 125. 2. “Marraqueta”: a type of Chilean bread.


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