Young in the hammock. (without date).

Oil on wood, signed on the right, below. Measurements: 21 x 31.5 cm. (8.26 x 12.4 inches).


Without being able to identify the signature of authorship, we are facing one of the favorite subjects of eroticism in 19th century painting and the beginning of the following: the woman resting with lassitude in a hammock, also according to the Christian idea of ​​laziness as the mother of vices. In this sense, on the garden table is the liquor bottle and glass, which is humorously approached by a pigeon, one of which is found around the young woman, in the middle of a tropical landscape. She watches the viewer from her sensual position, in a vibrant pink dress that falls behind the hammock.


The foliage places us in a tropical or subtropical setting, with a theme addressed by numerous traveling painters in the exotic settings of our Latin America. So far the work has the additional charm of the unknown about its authorship, deciphering that plus will give it a new value.



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