Padlock bit. A. Lanfredi. Buenos Aires. 1980/1990.

Forged in iron, with round curb, articulated; a high bridge, with sheave, and short legs, in the shape of a truncated S, bearing the author's mark: A. LANFREDI. Measurements. Maximum length: 22 cm / 8.66 in. Width: 17.2 cm / 6.77 in.

Typical unused Creole bit, designed to include the cups and the silver toe cap. The variant, with very few modifications, survived in America from its arrival in the riding gear that the conquerors crossed into America. Typical of the school "of the genet", they have their origin in Moroccan soil. (1)

Alberto Pablo Lanfredi, "Chelo" for his friends (1935-2004), was an exquisite blacksmith who knew how to learn the trade from the hand of his father. To know his biography, we rescued an article published by Luis Alberto Flores in the magazine El Caballo (April 1975) and reproduced in “El Chasque surero” (September 2004, n. 119), where Flores pays tribute to the recently disappeared Lanfredi, about whose brakes he explains: “The whole is a neat, solid and beautiful piece: in a word, perfect in itself and in its function”, and later he warns: “he also makes them with (steel) cups and with a fixed toe cap (of the same material) or prepares them to place these accessories in silver” -as it happens with this piece offered here. (2)

Regarding the material used, he warns that in principle he made them in stainless steel, but as the now remembered rope rope explains well, because “we traditionalists have a certain grudge against stainless steel, we asked him to make us a pair in common steel and we gave the pleasure”. Flores was referring to a pair of spurs, and from our bit, it is obvious that Lanfredi also made them in this version of the material, more appreciated by our Creole horsemen.



1. Alberto Martín Labiano: Bits, steaks and other things. Buenos Aires, Editorial Hemisferio Sur, 1980, p. 60.

2. We thank Dr. Enrique Taranto for searching the cited article.

AUTHOR A. Lanfredi.

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