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Consejos de Oro sobre la Educación (...). 1881.

Consejos de Oro sobre la Educación dedicados a las Madres de Familia y a los Institutores. Undécima Edición. Buenos Aires. Imprenta de Ostwald y Martínez. 1881.

Quarto, (23.5 x 16.3 cm / 9.25 x 6.41 in), 32 pp., Includes Half-title, Title page, blank. Morocco binding with leather spine and gilded titles. Very good copy, surely from a special edition made on large paper.

Marcos Sastre (1808-1887), a distinguished educator born in Montevideo and emigrated as a child to the current Concepción del Uruguay -when his parents decided not to submit to the Portuguese-Brazilian invaders-, studied in Entre Ríos, Córdoba and Buenos Aires. After a stay in Montevideo, he opened a bookstore in the capital of the Argentine Confederation, where he created the famous Literary Hall, with an ephemeral life, with a reading space and a circulating library. After that brief affectus with the Rosas government, the Salon was closed and Sastre had to close that area of ​​intellectual debate and even his bookstore, finishing his stock.

Some time later, and Rosas in exile, Marcos Sastre applied himself to his work as an educator -he was Inspector General of Schools-, and published numerous didactic brochures focused on spelling, arithmetic and geography. In that spirit he wrote "Golden Councils for Education Dedicated to Mothers of Families and Institutes”. Always in his commitment to educate the entire population.



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